Dinosaur.io Jurassic Battle Royale World

made by LvlApp Action, Adventure games and Virtual Reality
Rated for Rated for 3+


Control sweet and little version of jurassic dinosaur like tyrannosaurus rex or triceratops. Dinosaur.io have classic battle royale gameplay but in dino world. Just eat smaller than you, and run from bigger than you. Sound simple right?

Features of Dinosaur.io:
battle royale and io gameplay
in dino world
funny characters
jurassic survival

Jurassic survival arena.
Our dinosaurs escape from the park and now demolish the city. You and others players try to survive as long as can. How big you can be? Eat everything if you are big enough.

We prepare the most famous dinosaurs like (T-rex) tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops and others to play in dino park.



- Added skins for Dinosaurs. Play game to unlock them.
- Added new Maps: Town, Pirates and Sci-Fi.
- Added 90 new achievements.
- Compete on more leaderboards