GiGi Game

made by NP apps
Rated for Rated for 3+


A lot of evil enemies are coming, it became clearly dangerous to hang around public places.
Please help Gigi, the anxious bird, to fly its way safely across the risky path.
How long can you manage to avoid the evil enemies until they get you too?
Will Gigi dodge the madness?
It is up to you.

Lots of people want to play a fun game to spend time, so this is the exact game to play with whenever you want.
An endless game that you should score as many points as possible. It becomes harder and harder to pass the enemies as long as you go. They will become faster and sophisticated and try to hit you.
You have three lives, and once you got hit three times, you will die. So, try to score as many points as you can!

* Lovely graphic design.
* 5 different kinds of bats are trying to hit.
* 3 lives per game.
* best personal record, try to beat your record each time.
* Simple and easy to play with a simple controller of up and down.
* Nice background music and effects.
* mute and unmute buttons.

We hope you like this game and share it with your friends. You will enjoy playing this game so many times!


We update the game regularly so we can make it better for you.
This version includes bug fixes and performance improvements.